7 problems facing coffee farming in Uganda

7 problems facing coffee farming in Uganda
  • Pests which destroy large parts of farms leading to losses e.g. termites.
  • Diseases that lead to poor quality output such as coffee wilt disease and coffee berry disease.
  • Limited land for coffee plantations due to the ever-increasing population.
problems facing coffee farming in Uganda
  • Soil exhaustion due to monoculture leading to low and poor quality yields.
  • Competition with other coffee-producing countries like Brazil and Ivory Coast leading to inadequate markets.
  • Low prices and unstable coffee prices leading to price fluctuation on the world market which demoralizes the farmers.

  • Prolonged drought and hailstorms which destroy coffee flowers leading to low output.
  • Competition with other beverages e.g. tea, cocoa and vanilla which reduces demand.
  • Dangerous animals e.g. snakes, wasps, and bees which attack the workers hence scaring them away.
  • Inadequate storage facilities which leads to losses due to rotting of the coffee and destruction by pests.
  • Coffee has a long gestation period of about 31/2 years until the first harvest which also demoralizes the farmers.

  • Shortage of extension workers to train people on how to attend to coffee properly.
  • Post-harvest losses also demoralize the farmers e.g. theft which leads to losses for the farmers.
  • Poor means of transport leading to market centers leading to delays in delivery.


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