5 Characteristics of the Agrarian revolution in America

5 Characteristics of the Agrarian revolution in America

  • Large-scale farming for adequate food supply and provision of raw materials for industries.
  • Zoning and diversification, due to differences in climate and soil fertility, with various areas specializing in certain farming activities e.g. ranching and dairying in the drier north-eastern parts, cotton cultivation in the south, maize growing in the central region and wheat cultivation in the north-west.
  • Heavy investment in the field of science and research. This resulted in better high breed seeds and different strains of livestock. As the use of fertilizer increased, pest control measures were invented.
  • Monumental changes and milestones in the development of agriculture in the world, fuelled by peasant emigration into the USA from Europe, bringing skills, enterprise and enthusiasm as well as animal breeds and crop varieties.

  • Export trade. American agriculture largely comprised cash crops like sugarcane, cotton, tobacco and indigo, grown to provide raw materials for European (especially British) industries.
  • Grants and loans to farmers, for buying and developing land.


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