the following are reasons as to why extended families are dying out today

  • The influence of modern education. Many people today spend more time in school which is in future limits the chances of having many children or even getting married.
  • The impact of Christian teaching has also made extended families to die out. It teaches about monogamous marriage which means that there are likely to be very few people in such a family thus killing the extended form of families.
  • The influence of western culture has also made many extended families to die out. Many Africans nowadays believe/copy the system of the Europeans of having small families basically consisting of a father, mother and their children.
  • The financial hardship has also caused some extended families to decline. For many families staying in towns, where the cost of living is high, they have opted for having a small number of members in the family basically where we find the father, other and their children.

  • Political instabilities in the world today especially in Africa have also contributed to the decline in the extended families. As more wars continue to exist in Africa, it has become a culture for families to remain with just a few members basically the father, mother and children who can manage each other.
  • The introduction of family planning methods has reduced the existence of extended families. Such methods used like condoms or pills have made production rate low hence even making families smaller.
  • The ever raising misunderstandings in the families comprised of many relatives and friends has made some people to opt for staying with only their wives and children without inviting relatives to stay at their homes for longer.
  • The increase in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases has also affected the existence of extended families. The outbreak of diseases like HIV/AIDS has made men reduce on tendencies of marrying many wives.

  • The influence of urbanization. Many men today staying in urban centers have resorted to staying either alone or with only their wives and children in order to survive in urban life.
  • Lack o morals or cultural obligation. Men today no longer believe in the traditional cultures having many wives and many children.


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