What problems did the Boer trekkers encounter?

What problems did the Boer trekkers encounter?

The local people like Chief Dingane of the Zulu killed Piet Retief and some of his members and the leaders of the Boer trekkers.

The Boers trekkers ran short of food and other consumer goods and this caused starvation among the trekkers in the interior of South Africa.

The trekkers were also attacked by diseases like malaria, smallpox, etc. which killed some of the people who were traveling to the interior of South Africa.

The animal diseases like foot and mouth diseases, which killed a good number of them, attacked their cattle and other domestic animals like sheep.

The Boer trekkers were attacked by wild animals, which left many of them died while on their way into the interior of South Africa.

The Boers also had the problem of geographical barriers i.e. they faced difficulty in crossing rivers and climbing Mountains like Mountains Drakensberg.

Communication was also a problem because this made it difficult for the Boer trekkers to communicate with other trekkers in the interior of South Africa.

The Boers also ran shoot of gun powder and other ambitions, which made their lives insecure, as they could not easily defend themselves against their enemies.

The Boers were militarily weak and as a result, they continued suffering from attacks from the Africans like the Xhosa, Zulu, among others.

The Boers ran shortage of workforce and this was because most of the trekkers had lost their lives due to the continuous attacks from their enemies.

The Boers also quarreled (disagreed) among themselves and this caused disunity thus affecting their movement e.g. Jan Van Rensberg quarreled with Trigardt.

Most of the Boer trekkers were not prepared for the long journey and thus they faced many hardships, which resulted into the death of many on the way.

The British were a problem to the trekkers as they continued following them wherever the Boers went.

The trekkers lacked social amenities like schools and health centers where they could receive social services like education for their children and medicare.

The Boer Republic lost their independence after the British annexed their Natal republic in 1843.


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