Ways of worship in the early church

The term worship refers to the different ways in which man expressed honour, glorification or exaltation to the almighty God his creator either by actions or words.

The following are the ways of worshipping in the early church;

  • They worshipped God though singing different hymns and songs to honour the name of the Lord as being great, holy among others.
  • They also worshipped God by kneeling down.
  • They also worshipped God through repentance. They repented on daily basis and asked for forgiveness.
  • They worshipped God through laying ands and appointing church leaders.
  • They worshiped God through speaking in tongues of different languages. These were believed to have being given to them.
  • They worshipped God through expression of love like visiting the sick, helping the needy as a symbol to glorify God.
  • They also worshipped through clapping hands to the Lord.
  • Through celebration of the Lord’s Supper. This was done regularly as people gathered with their offerings and shared together in the name of father, son and Holy Spirit in remembrance of Jesus Christ.
  • They also worshipped God through fellowship. They would give offertory to God.
  • They also worshipped through catechism. This was done by teaching the young converts the basics of Christianity.
  • They also worshipped through making missionary journeys and planting of churches as centres of worship.
  • At a later time they worshipped God through reading scriptures.

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