3 types of citizenship in Kenya

3 types of citizenship in Kenya

What is citizenship?

Citizenship is an individual‟s membership or belonging to a country.

Who is a Kenyan citizen?

A Kenyan citizen is a person who has a legal right to belong to Kenya.

Kenyan citizenship refers to all people that belong to Kenya as a country.

three types of citizenship in Kenya.

There are three ways of becoming a Kenyan citizen. These are:

  • Birth. This refers to anyone born in Kenya, but whose parents are not diplomats representing foreign governments.
  • Registration. One can apply to become a Kenyan citizen. For instance, one from a foreign country who gets married to a Kenyan citizen is entitled to Kenyan citizenship once he or she applies for registration.
  • Naturalization. If one who has stayed in Kenya for more than five years applies for Kenyan citizenship, he or she becomes a Kenyan by Naturalization.


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