The steps taken to ensure effective British occupation of Zimbabwe

the following were the steps the British used to ensure effective occupation of zimbabwe

  • The British took over the gold workings in Mashonaland and stopped trade between Africans and the Portuguese.
  • The British South Africa Company was empowered to impose a Hut tax and establish a Native department to control the whole colony.
  • Reserves were created for Africans while passes for livestock, minerals, and forced labour were introduced.
  • A Legislative council consisting of five elected and four nominated members was established.
  • A resident Commissioner and a Commandant General were appointed in 1898 by the British government.
  • A Labour Board for Rhodesia was established by the Company to supply settlers in Matebeleland with workers to add onto that supplied by the Native department.
  • Native land was brought under the British crown to the advantage of white settlers, who took the land to themselves when Company rule later ended. Up to this day, land is a contentious issue in Zimbabwe.

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