The reasons for the adoption of Direct rule in Zimbabwe by British

The British decided to use the system of Direct Rule in Zimbabwe because:

  • They wanted to acquire full control of the economy and to exploit the resources such as minerals and farmland for their own benefit.
  • The traditional system of administration and indigenous political institutions such as the Indunas had been disrupted or destroyed during the British conquest of Zimbabwe.
  • They wanted to ensure complete control over the African communities as a way of eliminating resistance.
  • The British South Africa Company officials and the settlers who were familiar with the British system of administration helped to put in place the required administrative structures. There wasn‟t the problem of lack of manpower.

  • The British South Africa Company had enough funds to pay the administrators.
  • The 1896-1897 Chimurenga uprising eroded British confidence in using traditional chiefs in the administration of the colony.


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