The process of resolving conflict in Kenya today

The process of resolving conflict in Kenya today

This involves or takes the following course:

  • The Legal process. The Judiciary, through established courts throughout the country is empowered to solve cases among citizens.

  • Arbitration i.e. Round Table discussion. This involves identifying the source or cause of the conflict and then sitting to iron out the problems. The arbitrator and the conflicting parties meet and talk face to face.
  • The Court process. Here, the conflicting parties take their case to a court of law. Both parties are allowed to call witnesses to prove their case. The court may dismiss or allow the case to continue. Upon delivery of the verdict, any party that is dissatisfied is given chance to appeal to High court.
  • Prosecution. Here, criminal cases are reported to the police, who arrest and present the suspects for prosecution before a court of law.
  • Armed Forces. In the absence of law and order, force is the only option. The police or the army are required to arrest, detain or shoot at suspects. This method is used to deal with strikes, mobs, bandits and revolts.

  • Negotiation. a mediator calls the conflicting parties for a meeting after individually studying the points of disagreement, after which a peaceful resolution may be arrived at


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