The factors that promote national unity in Kenya

The factors that promote national unity in Kenya

the factors that promote national unity in Kenya.

  • The Constitution, which guarantees equality of opportunity to all citizens.
  • The curriculum (system of education), which encourages children from an early age to develop a feeling of national belonging.

  • Equal distribution of resources by trying to develop the whole country‟s economy.
  • Intermarriage and other intercommunal activities such as games and music festivals in addition to trade and working together.
  • Currency. In Kenya, business is transacted through one currency: the Shilling.
  • The national language (Kiswahili), which enables Kenyans to communicate freely and easily.
  • National philosophies (Harambe, African Socialism and Nyayoism), which call on Kenyans to pool their resources together in peace, love and unity in spite of their different ethnic groups.
  • The National Flag, the symbol of our nation.

  • The Kenya Coat of Arms, which symbolizes our existence as a sovereign state.
  • The national Anthem, which reminds us of our peaceful and harmonious existence.
  • The Loyalty pledge, a reminder of our loyalty to the president and our nation.
  • National awards, which are given to Kenyans of outstanding performance in contributing to the country‟s development.
  • Government institutions (the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature), which serve all Kenyans equally.
  • National public holidays and events, which are held throughout Kenya.
  • The institution of the Presidency, which unites all Kenyans, for the president is the Head of state and government.

  • Urbanization, which promotes co-existence and interaction among Kenyans as people from different ethnic groups live together in towns and even intermarry.
  • A centralized system of government.

how does the Kenya Constitution promote National Unity

  • It provides the equality of all Kenyans.
  • Kenyans are bound by one constitution, making it a unifying factor.
  • It guarantees equal opportunities for all Kenyans.

  • It protects individuals against any form of discrimination as provided for in the Bill of Rights.
  • It provides for a unitary government under one president.


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