The establishment of Oman rule along the east African coast

The establishment of Oman rule along the east African coast

how Oman rule was established along the east African coast

  • From the expulsion of the Portuguese in 1698, the east African coast came under Oman rule.
  • At first, Oman rule over the east African coast was enforced through local families such as the Mazrui in Mombasa and the Nabahan in Lamu. But the Mazrui wanted to be independent.

  • The Mazrui eventually established themselves as independent rulers of Mombasa, extending their rule to Malindi, Pate and Pemba.
  • In the 19th century, their possessions extended from Malindi in the north to Pangani in the south. The Mazrui allied with Mijikenda communities around Mombasa, with whose help they attacked and conquered Lamu among other places.
  • The Mazrui were eventually tricked into submission by Khalid” a son of Seyid Said, the King of Oman, who deported them from Mombasa and brought the East African coast under full Oman

reasons why the Oman Arabs were unable to control the east African coast after the defeat of the Portuguese.

  • Civil wars in Oman.
  • Rebellion by coastal towns.
  • Threats of Persian invasion.


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