problems faced while carrying out geography fieldwork

field work is the scientific study done away from classroom where students use the environment as a laboratory to; observe, record, and interpret for themselves the realities of man and his environment.

The environment includes the things, that surround man both physical and human e.g. the soils, rocks, vegetation cover, water bodies, relief etc.

There are a number of problems encountered while in the field and these may include;

  • Physical obstructions i.e. tall buildings, hills, trees hence may hinder one from observing certain features or accessing some areas.
  • Abrupt weather changes e.g. rainy, fog, misty, windy. Avoid mentioning sunshine.
  • Language barrier
  • Inadequate tools
  • Obsolete tools/out-dated  tools
  • Hostile respondents
  • Getting biased and exaggerated information.

One should avoid personal problems e.g getting tired, anger, hunger e.t.c

The problems which are valid should be geographical and illustrated with information missed or not got according to the objectives as evidence of being in the field

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