• Top dressing;
    Here the fertilizer is applied on the surface of the soil when crop has already established e.g. NPK fertilizers applied to make crop when it has reached knee height.
  • Band placement;
    Here the fertilizer is applied between rows of crops in strips/bands; however, fertilizers should not be put too near or too far away plants.

  • Spot application;
    Here particulars spots/places are selected and fertilizers are applied in these places next to a seed/plant.
  • Ring placement;
    Here fertilizers are placed in a ring from around the crop. The advantage is that crops are able to absorb s the nutrients from all sides.
  • Side dressing
    Here fertilizers are placed in a band a few containers on the side of the crop, also applied after crop has established.
  • Plough sole;
    Here fertilizer s are applied at ploughing time and mixed in the soil as ploughing takes place.
  • Fertigation method
    Here soluble fertilizers are dissolved in irrigation water and delivered to the soil with the irrigation water.
  • Broadcasting method;
    Here fertilizers are uniformly scattered over the soil surface and then ploughing into the soil.
  • Foliar application;
    Here fertilizers to be applied are dissolved in water and sprayed onto the leaves of crops.


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