Importance or significance of bride price

bride price is a token gratitude from which the boy’s family pays to the girl’s family in exchange for marriage. Bride price can be given in material things like cows, goats, clothes, money and many others

The following is the importance of bride price

  • Bride price acts as a certificate of marriage according to the customary law when its fully paid marriage is sealed.
  • It limits chances of divorce. This was because it led to the re-payment of the dowry of the girl’s family.
  • Bride wealth acts as a public expression of appreciation for the new wife and a pleasing her parents for having borough her up properly.
  • Dowry was a compensation for the loss of the girl’s labour to the family.
  • It was also to appease the ancestral spirits when bride price was paid. It acted as a sign of union to the extended family since ancestors were inclusive and incase ancestors were not appeased they would bring harm to the new couple.
  • Dowry established strong relationship between the boy’s family and the girl’s family although it was shared among the members of the society.
  • Dowry earned respect to the husband, the girl and the family also gained prestige.
  • Dowry saves the community from immoral activities (behaviours) like unwanted pregnancies and prostitution since virgin girls are known to fetch more bride wealth.
  • Requirements of dowry payment gives the bridegroom the hence to work hard in order to pay for bride wealth.
  • It is a source of wealth to the family of the girls. A man with many girls was assured by accumulation of wealth from the dowry.
  • Bride wealth showed the man’s ability to look after the girl and to take care of the girl.
  • Provided security to the girl.
  • It encouraged girls to keep virgin
  • Bride price offers opportunity to the husband to express his love to the bride who is to be his future wife.
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