Importance of carrying out field work in geography and other subjects

Field work is the scientific study done away from classroom where students use the environment as a laboratory to; observe, record, and interpret for themselves the realities of man and his environment

the following is the importance of fieldwork in geography and other subjects

  • It enables a geographer to find out the changing patterns on the earth’s surface i.e. in terms of landform evolution and land use patterns given the fact that geography is a dynamic subject.
  • It makes Geography real whereby one is able to compare information acquired from textbooks and the information existing on the  ground
  • It helps a geographer to get local examples directly in the field rather than relying on the theory from text books.
  • Fieldwork also helps students gain geographical skills e.g. Observation, recording, sample, sampling and sketching etc
  • It also breaks down the monotony of the same place or classroom where students conduct  their geography lessons
  • It equips students with research methods which are relevant not only to secondary level but all throughout the training process.
  • By carrying out fieldwork, the students are in the position to establish the relationship between human activities and the physical environment
  • It builds a student’s attitude and value of judgment

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