How did the Germans occupy Namibia?

How did the Germans occupy Namibia?

  • After the unification of German under Bismarck in 1871, it become interested in colonies
  • By the nineteenth century, Namibia was characterized by conflicts between the Nama and Herero.

  • The above conflicts caused insecurity in the areas. This made the Rhemist missionaries and traders to request for protection from the British at the cape.
  • The British who had imperial interests in the area feared the cost involved and thus did not come in to protect the German traders and missionaries.
  • In 1868, complains of instability in the area were sent to the king of Prussia (German) by traders and missionaries.
  • The missionary request made Namibia a German colony in 1884.
  • Germanys used traders to control Namibia. For example Liiderity Franz set up a trading post at Angra Pequena in 1883.
  • Liiderity Franz also bought large chucks of land from the Nama chiefs along the coast.
  • The German traders first occupied the coastal areas and later moved into the interior.

  • The Germans also signed treaties to occupy Namibia. For example they offered the Hero a treaty of protection in return for a Germany protected.
  • Germans also used military conquest to occupy Namibia for example they attacked Gibeon; a home town of witbooi , the Nama leader.
  • Germans also used collaborator such Samuel Maherero the Herero chief.
  • They set up military garrisons such as at Kahanga the Herero capital.


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