There are both ‘pull’ and ‘push’ factors responsible for the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas. Pull factors are the attractive conditions in urban areas well as push factors are the un suitable conditions in rural areas from which people want to run-out or away. These include;

  • Limited employment opportunities in rural areas, administrative, commercial and industrial activities are found in Kampala, Masaka, etc therefore attracting the youth for jobs
  • Urban areas have better education, health, and other social facilities which pull people into towns like Mbarara and Mbale to enjoy a better life.
  • Political security in towns like Gulu town which attracted many people affected by Kony war in the region.
  • Most youth from Kisoro are attracted to Kabale town due to urban excitements of cinema, films, recreation like Bunyonyi sites, etc.
  • Social amenities in Kampala such as electricity, communication, entertainment of radio Simba and capital, T.vs like Ntv, all attract majorly the youth from Kiboga, Buikwe, etc.
  • The development of mining activity in an area provides a pull factor in relation to population migration into such area. For instance in 1960s many migrant workers used to move from Kigezi region to Kasese where copper mining was being carried out seeking for jobs.

  • Some people move to urban areas like Jinja after committing crimes in rural areas such as rape and defilement, child sacrifice, etc.
  • The landless people in rural areas move to town to seek for alternative way of settlement. This explains why towns like Kasese, Kabale and Mbale are densely populated.
  • Natural factors such as drought, epidemic diseases which are harmful to human beings force people to leave rural areas to towns. Recently people have been forced to move out of Rakai and Lyantonde due to aids epidemic.
  • Social factors such as male circumcision in Bugishu and female mutilation in Sebai cause the youth to run away to Jinja, Mbale, Gulu and Kampala.
  • Excessive population in rural areas like in Kisoro, Sironko, Kabale, Mbale, has led to population explosion on land causing the disadvantaged to migrate to towns.


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