Disadvantages of using sampling in geography field work

sampling is the method that involves choosing /selecting part of the whole to represent the whole. the chosen portion is studied and its characteristics /views are taken to represent those of other similar features in the field.

the following are disadvantages or problems of using sampling in geography fieldwork

  • Bias in selection is common .in most cases researchers only select people in the field who are interested in their study and some instances the selection of the respondents is gender biased.
  • Lack of representative samples ; for instance when a fish landing site is visited, many of the interviewed people may not be fish mongers but just people living around the fishing village.
  • It tends to generalize too much and some of the unique characteristics of phenomena are left out.
  • It may be hindered by faulty tools.
  • There is a problem of inaccessibility caused by physical barriers like forests, wetlands ,hills e.t.c

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