Why Kenyan communities failed in their resistance against British colonial rule

Various factors led to the defeat of African communities by the British during the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya as follows:

  • The communities were not united. While some like the Nandi resisted, Others like the Wanga collaborated with British rule.
  • They had inferior weapons which were no much for British fire-arms.
  • African soldiers had little knowledge of the British military tactics.
  • They had been weakened by catastrophes such as famine, Rinderpest outbreak and civil strife in the 1890s.
  • Their leaders lacked organizational skills to mobilize the people against the British.
  • The British used treachery when dealing with some communities e.g. the Nandi.
  • The British destroyed the economic base of the communities, thus making them weak.
  • The warriors got demoralized when many of their colleagues and leaders were captured and killed.
  • The Kenya-Uganda railway facilitated faster movement of British troops