What were the results of the development of early agriculture?

  • Population increase due to healthy feeding.
  • Change of man from hunter-gatherer to food producer. Man no longer relied totally on the environment for his survival

  • Adequate food production, with a surplus for future use.
  • Improved cultivation methods in addition to invention and use of better farm implements like ploughs. More land was put into use through dyking and irrigation. These helped remedy the problem of drought, floods and inadequate rainfall.
  • Development of High Breed seeds and better quality livestock, with more yields.
  • Better settled life, with less migration.
  • Emergence of villages, towns, trading and urban centres.
  • Development of religion, laws, rules and regulations to safeguard their fields, flocks and other aspects of life.
  • More division of labour and specialization in different crafts.

  • The development of scientific and technological knowledge and skills was influenced by agriculture as farmers had to invent and improve farm implements, interpret weather patterns, divide land geometrically, count seasons and record agricultural produce using the calendar.
  • Development of numerous architectural designs to decorate various buildings in towns and other centres of human settlement.
  • Formation of distinct social classes as members of various working groups interacted.

  • Development and provision of formal education, particularly for the upper class of society

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