What were the consequences of the Agikuyu reaction to British rule?

the following were the consequence of Agikuyu reaction to British rule in kenya

  • Emergence of Home guards, colonial headmen and many other agents of British rule in Kenya.
  • Massive destruction of property.
  • Western education and conversion to Christianity for those who collaborated.
  • The shift of base by the British from fort Dagoreti to Fort Smith and later Fort Hall due to constant Agikuyu raids.
  • More hatred and animosity in Kikuyuland, with each section lacking trust for the other.
  • Massive loss of life, especially on the side of the Agikuyu, many of whose leaders and fighters were killed.
  • Enormous wealth and rise to prominence by some leaders due to collaboration.
  • Loss of Gikuyu independence as their resistance was highly segmentary and isolated into a few sections that were easily suppressed.
  • Massive land alienation, which was carried out with the help of collaborating leaders for white settlement in Kikuyuland.
  • Eventual declaration of British Protectorate status over Kikuyu territory, leading to British colonization.
  • Death of Gikuyu leaders and warriors such as Chief Waiyaki Way Hinga.
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