Tourist attraction sites in Ethiopia

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The geographical and cultural diversities combined with various historical sites have endowed Ethiopia with different flora and fauna, historical sites, land forms
and cultural mosaics that made it to be one centers of attractions in the continent

Ethiopia has high potential resource for tourism, but it is still underdeveloped because of the following factors

I. Low promotion works
II. Low level of modern means of transport and communication
III. Shortage of modern and international standard hotels
IV. Lack of shopping facilities for tourists

V. Lack of entertaining facilities etc

The existing tourism sector still contributes the following for the national economy

I. Promotion of foreign exchange earnings
II. Creation of new job opportunities
III. Generation of taxes for government revenue
IV. Promotion of Ethiopia’s contact with the outside world etc ………..

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Tourist attraction sites in Ethiopia

A. Historical/cultural sites: most of the sites are found in the northern part of the country such as Axum, Gondar and Lallibela with their Obelisks, rock hewns and splendid palaces.

Monastries around Lake Tana

The oldest mosque of Nejashi in Tigray

The walled city of Harar

Melka kunture south east of Addis etc

B. Landscape/geographical sites: Ras Dejen (Semen), Blue Nile fall (Tis Isat fall) near Bahir Dar, Lake Tana and Blue Nile Source caves of sof – umer and Rift valley lakes etc