The results of the Agrarian revolution In Britain

The following are results of Agrarian revolution In Britain

  • Improved farming methods, which led to increased food production.
  • Population increase as food was abundant. Life expectancy was higher too.
  • A large variety of crops e.g. clover, potatoes, beans, maize, vegetables and citrus fruits.

  • New animal breeds such as the Friesian cow as well as Leicester and Suffolk sheep, among others.
  • large scale farming in place of subsistence farming.
  • Mechanization of farming as cultivation of large farms was adopted.
  • Rural-urban migration as peasants were compelled by the Enclosure movement to sell their land to rich farmers.
  • Availability of raw materials required in the agro based industries, thus contributing to the industrial revolution.
  • Expansion of both local and international trade
  • Expansion of the transport network.
  • Enhancement of research and scientific innovations.
  • Migration of some of the landless to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other places overseas.

  • Minimization of pests, diseases, and epidemics.
  • high standard of life, particularly for farmers due to increased agricultural income.
  • Availability of food and feeds around the year.
  • British culture was spread and administered overseas.
  • Emergence and growth of more and more urban centres due to rise of a non-food producing population.