The process of Luo resistance against British colonial rule

The Luo of Sakwa, Seme, Uyoma, Ugenya and Kisumu resisted while those of Gem and Asembo collaborated with British rule.

Outstanding resisters were the Luo of Ugenya.

reasons for Luo resistance against British colonial rule.

  • Need to protect their land.
  • Fear of losing their freedom.
  • Frequent British attacks on them for grains and livestock.
  • Frequent and numerous punitive expeditions against them.

the process of Luo resistance against British colonial rule

  • To expand their territory, the Luo of Ugenya invaded Wanga Kingdom and accommodated Wanga deserters.
  • Then they attacked and vandalized German stations and British telegraph wires.
  • In response, the British sent an expedition (which was successful) against the Luo of Ugenya in 1896.
  • The Luo on Winam gulf in Kisumu attacked a British canoe party for taking fish from them without paying.
  • After several punitive raids, the Luo of Ugenya were also overcome.
  • The Luo of Gem under Odera Akang‟o and those from Asembo supported the British.