The inventions or innovations that were made during Agrarian revolution in Britain

The inventions/innovations that were made during Agrarian revolution in Britain.

  • Jethro Tull’s invention of the Seed Drill and the horse-drawn hoe in 1791,, with which seeds could be sown in rows, which eased interrow cropping and kept the land between the rows clean.

  • Introduction of the Iron plough in place of the wooden plough in 1825.
  • Formation of the Royal Agricultural Society in 1838, which publicised new ideas and techniques of farming all over Britain. This encouraged adoption of modern methods of farming.
  • Opening of a super phosphates factory in London in 1843 by Sir john Bennet Lawes, following the earlier discovery by scientists that Nitrogen Phosphorus (in phosphates) and Potassium (in Potash) are nutrients for all plants.

  • Andrew Meikles’ invention of the Mechanical Thresher in 1876, which improved Patrick Bell’s earlier invention of the Mechanical Reaper, which replaced the sickle in harvesting corn. A Binder was added to the reaper so that corn was cut and bound at the same time. Other modern machines like tractors and the combined harvester could reap and thresh corn simultaneously.