problems of fishery in ethiopia

Problems of fishery in Ethiopia

The presence of lakes and rivers in Ethiopia provide a great potential for fishing. However, it is the least developed sector next to mining

Fishing grounds in Ethiopia

Lakes fishery: It contains only 50% of the total annual fish production of the country and only 11% its potential is produced annually. Ex. Tana: 15,000,000 kg live weight annual potential the main fish species are Barbus, clarius and Tilapia

Abbaya: 7,000,000 kg live weight annual potential species: Nile perch, Bargus, Clarius, Barbus, Labeo

River fishery: This is not potentially known Ex. Baro river is estimated to have highest fishing capacity with an annual maximum supply of 2500 tons.

Problems of fishery in Ethiopia

  • The traditional technique results in low productivity
  • very low demand for fish by most people
  • poor supply to markets that most fishing grounds are far from high consumption areas, and a lack of refrigerator system.
  • No market advertisement and lack of skilled manpower etc


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