migration and settlement of the Taita into Kenya

hills inhabited by the Taita.

  • Mangea hill, where they first settled.
  • Davida,
  • Sagalla,
  • Kisigan.

migration and settlement of the Taita into Kenya.

  • The Taita are a people of mixed origin, though most of them trace their origin to Shungwaya.
  • They first settled on Mangea hill in the 16th century, from where they migrated to their present home areas.
  • They live on three hills i.e. Davida, Sagalla and Kisigan.

Taita clans and their origins.

According to their oral tradition, Taita clans are of the following origins:

  • The Wasadu, who originated from the Oromo.
  • The Wanyanya, who originated from the Maasai, Oromo and Akamba.
  • The Wanya, who originated from the Mijikenda, Agikuyu and Shambala.
  • The Shambala, who originated from Tanzania.
  • The Wasann, who originated from the Pokomo, Akamba and Shambala.
  • The Wasasadu, who originated from the pare in Tanzania.
  • The Waikumi, who originated from the Maasai and Akamba.

  • These clans emerged as a people after many years of interaction.