migration and settlement of Abasuba into Kenya

Abasuba occupy Mfangano and Rusinga islands on lake Victoria, where they settled from 1750AD, after arriving as refugees fleeing from Buganda. Other Suba people were displaced by the in coming Luo.

Suba migration was mainly triggered by fighting in Buganda and Busoga, following the assassination of Kyabbagu by some of his children. Kyabbagu was King of Buganda. As a result of the assassination, there was a struggle for succession to the throne, which made some of the groups around Lake Victoria to flee.

In their migration from Busoga and Buganda, most of the Suba spoke either Luganda or lusoga.

The Suba later interacted with the Luo as they entered Kenya, although they at first saw the Luo as a threat to them. They traded and intermarried with the Luo among other practices.

Some Abasuba settled at Gwasi and Kaksingiri in later years. They adopted the social customs of the Luo. Today, most Abasuba have adopted Luo culture.

Because of Luo influence, Abasuba have almost lost their original language and way of life.