Migration and settlement of Abakuria into Kenya

Migration and settlement of Abakuria into Kenya

Abakuria live in south Nyanza. Their traditions indicate that they are related to the Abalogoli of Abaluhyia and Abagusi too.

They also trace their origin to the Mount Elgon region and maintain that they came from a place called Misiri.

Abakuria may have migrated alongside Abagusi up to 1500AD when they took their separate direction.

Abakuria settled briefly around the shores of Lake Victoria, where they interacted with the Luo and the Southern Cushites. Abakuria may have picked up the practice of circumcision and Age-set organization from the Southern Cushites.

Some of the Kuria clans may have come from northern Tanzania.

By 1800AD, Abakuria had all settled in south Nyanza, where they again met and continued interacting with Abagusi. Indeed, some clans of Abagusi originally settled in Kuria territory in the second half of the 18th century

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