Inventions made by Homoerectus during the Middle Stone Age

hominids that the Middle Stone Age is associated with.

  • Homoerectus,
  • Homosapien.

three types of tools made and used during the Middle Stone Age.

  • Sangoan tools, some of which were found at Sango bay on the western side of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, which explains why they bear the name Sangoan tools.
  • Specialized stone-tools, made through the Mousterian style.
  • The Tang, which may have been the first tool with a handle and was invented and used in North Africa about 40,000 years ago.

the techniques used in tool making during the Middle Stone Age.

  • “La Vallois” technique, used in making Sangoan tools.
  • The Mousterian style, which was used in making specialized stone-tools.

inventions made by Homoerectus during the Middle Stone Age

  • Invention and use of fire.
  • Invention and use of better weapons and hunting methods.
  • Cooking of food, which rendered previously poisonous kinds edible.
  • Man wore animal skins, shells and necklaces as clothing and ornaments instead of walking naked.
  • Development of language for communication, which strengthened man‟s culture and social bonds.

  • Development of Rock art. Man painted pictures of the animals he hunted on cave walls, as is illustrated at the Kondoa and Singida areas in north-central Tanzania and Apollo caves in Orange state in South Africa.
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