How the European powers divided up Africa among themselves

The following is how the European powers divided up Africa among themselves

  • Britain got Kenya and Uganda in east Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in central Africa, Bechuanaland, Basutoland, Swaziland and the Union of South Africa in southern Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Sierra Leone in west Africa, Egypt and Sudan in North Africa and British Somaliland in north-eastern Africa.

  • France got Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Bokinaphaso, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Niger in West Africa, Chad, French Central Africa and French Congo in central Africa, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in North Africa and French Somaliland and Eritrea in North-Eastern Africa.
  • Germany got Tanganyika in east Africa, Rwanda and Burundi in Central Africa, Togo, and Cameroon in West Africa, and Namibia in south-west Africa.
  • Belgium got Belgium Congo (former Zaire but now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in central Africa.
  • Portugal got Angola, Mozambique, and Portuguese Guinea.
  • Spain got Spanish Guinea and Spanish morocco.

  • Italy got Libya and Italian Somaliland.
  • The Niger went to Britain as King Leopold‟s claim over Congo was recognized