how Indirect Rule was introduced in Africa

What was the Indirect Rule?

Indirect rule was a single Government system in which the native chiefs had clearly defined duties and an acknowledged status equal with British officials.
Trace the origin of indirect rule in Africa. (Explain the development of Indirect Rule in Africa. Or:

The following explains how Indirect Rule was introduced in Africa

Sir Frederick Lugard advanced indirect Rule: the British High Commissioner in the protectorate of Northern Nigeria from 1900-1906AD.

In it, the British felt that it was their task to preserve what was good in indigenous institutions while assisting the indigenous people to develop on their own lines.

In Kenya and West Africa, the indirect system of government entailed using traditional African rulers to administer at the Local Government level while European administrators occupied the senior positions in the administration of the colony.

Apart from ceding power to Africans, Indirect rule was purposed to modernize the traditional chiefs so that the British could use them to introduce some modern practices of governance to Africans without interfering or messing up with African political structures.

African cultural practices that were found to be repugnant by the British such as human sacrifice, slavery and slave trade, witchcraft, the murder of twins and mutilation of limbs had to be eliminated.

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