Functions of the Orkoiyot among the Nandi during the pre -colonial period

functions of the council of elders among the Highland Nilotes during the pre-colonial period.

  • They maintained law and order.
  • They settled major disputes in the community.
  • They made important observations and decisions on communal matters. For instance, they advised warriors on how or when to launch raids or attacks on their neighbouring or other communities.
  • They defined grazing and habitable land for various clans and groups to avoid internal rivalry or hostility.
  • They organized and presided over cultural practices, such as initiation.
  • They served as the final court of appeal in the community.

functions of the Orkoiyot among the Nandi during the pre-colonial period.

  • He was both the political and religious leader of the community.
  • He presided over religious functions, such as sacrifices.
  • He advised elders on community affairs.
  • He advised and blessed warriors before they went to war.
  • He arbitrated (settled) disputes.
  • He was a Seer, rain maker and chief medicine man in the community
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