evidence of Kenya being inhabited by humankind as far back as two million years ago

  • Tools attributed to Homohabilis were found in Koobi Fora near Lake Turkana.
  • Hand axes, cleavers and other tools attributed to Homoerectus have been found at Olorgesailie near lake Magadi, Mtongwe near Mombasa, around lakes Victoria and Turkana and at Kariandusi.

  • Tools associated with the late Stone age such as the Crescent, arrowheads, pottery, bone harpoons and ornamental egg shells have been found near lake Naivasha, lake Nakuru, Lukenya hills and Athi river.
  • Microlith tools, axe heads, polished stones, stone bowels, platters and grinding stones have been discovered all over Kenya.
  • Iron was used as far back as 270AD. Evidence of iron use have been found at Urewe near Ng‟iya in Siaya and in Kwale at the coast.

  • Animals such as cattle, sheep and goats were domesticated in Kenya during the late stone age.
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