Economic challenges that have faced Kenya since independence

The following are Economic challenges that have faced Kenya since independence.

  • Stagnation of investment in the first years of independence due to massive transfer of capita from the country by the white settlers. The government faced the challenge of cultivating investor confidence.

  • The problem of landlessness among many Africans whose arable land had been alienated. There was an urgent need for redistribution.
  • Serious economic disparity in the country with the former white highlands having adequate provision of water, electricity and roads while the rest lacked enough of the same.
  • Overpopulation in urban areas as result of rural-urban migration, putting facilities under pressure and creating unemployment.
  • Problem of control of the economy by the Europeans prior to independence and after independence. E.g. farm ownership and key industries.

  • Lack of qualified manpower to run the technical sectors of the economy. These were issues that were addressed by session paper number 10 of 1965.