places associated with early agriculture in Asia.

The Yellow River valley,
The Middle East,
The Indus River valley.

animals that were domesticated in Asia.

  • Zebu cattle,
  • Water buffaloes,
  • Elephants,
  • Horses,
  • Goats,
  • Sheep,
  • Pigs.

Assessment of early agriculture in Asia.

  • In Asia, intensive irrigation was practised along river valleys in the Indus plain, where food supply was adequate. Cattle keepers from central Asia gradually settled down to farming in India.
  • Garden cultivators of south-east Asia grew rice, which boosted productivity at the Ganges valley.
  • Zebu cattle, water buffaloes, elephants, horses, goats, sheep and pigs were domesticated in the Ganges region.

  • However, because early farmers had not yet mastered weather patterns, they were victims to long periods of drought and floods. Their crop yields were low due to lack of scientific knowledge.
  • In spite of these and other problems, the positive agricultural outcome in Asia was unhindered