Characteristics of modified equatorial climate

Modified Equatorial Climate is experienced along the coast and along the coast from Somali and Tanzania and L. Victoria basin regions around the lake.

Characteristics of Modified Equatorial Climate along the coast

  • High temperatures throughout the year mean an annual about 27◦c.
  • Small mean annual range of temperature is about 4◦c.
  • Hottest months are December and January.
  • Experiences rainfall throughout the year/ no real dry season.
  • Double maxima rainfall regime (2 rain seasons) in May and October.
  • High humidity due to high temperature causes high rates of evaporation and nearness to the sea.

Characteristics of Modified Equatorial Climate around L. Victoria Basin

  • Temperature is lower than the truly equatorial climate due to modifying influence of the lake (mean annual range between 22-26◦c).
  • There are no real dry months.
  • Heavy rainfall ranging from 1000-600mm.
  • Double maxima rainfall regime.
  • Receives conventional type of rainfall which falls mainly in the afternoons.

  • High relative humidity due to high temperature and nearness to the lake which is a source of moisture.
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