Challenges that ECOWAS has faced in its operation

The following are challenges that ECOWAS has faced in its operation.

  • Political instability in member states. Countries like Nigeria and Ghana have witnessed Military coups. Civil wars have been fought in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast. These have been a hindrance to cooperation.

  • Nationalistic issues. Most member states give priority to their own domestic issues at the expense of the organization.
  • Language barrier.  Countries in West Africa inherited the languages of their former colonial masters. The problem in communication has hindered the efficient operation of the organization.
  • Infrastructural problems.  The state of roads, railway, and communication linkages are poor. This has hampered the economic progress of member states.
  • Ideological differences.  The leaders of the member states view each other with suspicion and mistrust due to differences in ideologies.
  • Lack of uniform currency.  Each country has its own currency. This creates a problem of rates of exchange thus hindering trade.

  • Foreign interference. The presence of Israeli and French soldiers in Cote D’Ivoire was viewed suspiciously by guinea.
  • Border closures. For example between Ghana and Togo and between Burkina Faso and Mali.