Challenges of multi-party democracy in Kenya

The following are Challenges facing multi-party democracy in Kenya.

  • Since many politicians and senior government officials were not ready for Multipartism, they often incited their supporters to kick out opposition supporters from certain regions. This has been common in the Rift Valley region.

  •  The executive arm and the ruling party have many times misused the members of the civil service to frustrate the opposition. In case of flawed elections, the provincial administration has always been used in rigging.
  • Many of the parties formed failed to attain a national outlook. They mainly were tribal-based.
  • The multi-party democracy has been hampered by the defection of greedy politicians who become prey to bribes. This has weakened some parties.
  • The former KANU for a long time retained control of the government machinery,,(the police force, the radio and television.) these were utilized for the advantage of KANU for a long time.

  • There has been a problem of lack of funding from the government. Most political parties have been unable to sustain the competition for political power due to inadequate funds.
  • Interference by the international community in the running of the country. Some members of the diplomatic community openly side with certain political parties.
  • Many political parties have been embroiled in wrangles. For example, the Orange Democratic Movement has been bedeviled with a number of desertions due to wrangles between Ruto and his supporters and Raila Odinga. Ford Kenya has split into New Ford Kenya and Ford Kenya due to wrangles between Eugene Wamalwa and Moses Wetangula.