Advantages and limitations of anthropology as a source of information on History

Anthropology, i.e. the study of human beings and their culture.

advantages of anthropology as a source of information on History

  • one would experience the people‟s way of life.
  • One understands and explains social and other structures within their society of study.
  • One explains aspects of the economy on which a given community depend.
  • One is able to determine a people‟s cultural past.
  • One has a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of a people‟s culture.

limitations of Anthropology as a source of information on the history

  • It is expensive as it involves living with the people on who research is conducted.
  • It is time-consuming.
  • Researchers may not adapt to new environments.

  • The researcher may miss vital information as the people being studied may behave differently in the presence of the researcher.
  • The researcher risks losing his or her own culture on adapting to the environment of study.