Advantages and disadvantages of Linguistics as a source of information on History

Linguistics, i.e. the scientific study of languages by tracing the principles of language change and establishment of the current genealogical classification of a particular language.

advantages of Linguistics as a source of information on History

  • It provides information about the movements of the people and their relationships.
  • It helps to establish theories of origin, migration and settlement of various communities.
  • They compliment oral traditions and other sources of historical information.
  • it is useful in dating peopleā€Ÿs migration.
  • Through Linguistics, historians discover previously unknown links between different people.

disadvantages of linguistics as a source of information on History

  • Delayed acquisition of information since it takes long to learn a particular language.
  • Some words could be omitted or distorted while translating the language.
  • Various languages may have similar words but with different meanings.
  • The borrowing of words might corrupt or interfere with the parent-language.
  • Some languages have become extinct
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