Characteristics of Homosapien

Characteristics of Homosapien

Homosapien appeared between two hundred thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

the following are Characteristics of Homosapien

  • He was under six feet tall
  • He had small teeth.
  • He had a steep and well-rounded forehead.
  • He had long straight legs.
  • He made a variety of more refined tools i.e. microliths.
  • He was a fisherman and hunter-gatherer.
  • He domesticated plants and animals.

Remains of Homosapien were found at:

  • Eliye springs near Lake Turkana,
  • Kanjera and Kanam in Kenya,
  • Bodo and Omo river valley in Ethiopia,
  • Ngaloba in Tanzania.

Three subspecies of Homosapien have been identified.

These are:

 The Rhodesian Man, discovered in northern Rhodesia (present-day Zambia). he was still more apelike, with ridges over his eyes and a backward sloping forehead. But he had straight legs and walked with long strides, with a skull and brain like modern man. He made and used scrapping and cutting tools from bone and stone.

Neanderthal Man, was discovered in Neander valley in Germany in 1856 and in Asia, north Africa, France, Belgium, Gibraltar, Italy, former Yugoslavia and other parts of Europe. He was a hunter-gatherer. Though heavily built with a thick skull, broad shoulders and bushy eyebrows like an ape, he made and used skilfully chipped stone tools and practised ceremonial burial just like modern man.

Cro-Magnon Man was discovered in Europe. This one cooked using fire and was a hunter-gatherer, painter, and cave dweller. He resembled a modern man, except that he was taller, stronger and with bushy eyebrows


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