Ways in which Kenya is Planning to Expand her tourism sector

Ways in which Kenya is Planning to Expand her tourism sector

Tourism in Kenya has good prospects and may expand in the future if the following factors are implemented:

  • Improvement of infrastructure in semi-arid areas which have tourist attractions e.g. N. Eastern Province.

  • Aggressive promotion and marketing of Kenya as a tourist destination in other countries which is done by (KTDC) Kenya Tourist Development Corporation and (KTB) Kenya Tourism Board.
  • Encouragement of domestic tourism by showing documentaries through the electronic media on Kenya’s tourist sites e.g. „Out and About
  • Offering domestic tourists favourable rates of accommodation in the hotels during the off peak tourist season.
  • Beefing up security to ensure tourists don’t gain access to the country in order to make tourists to choose Kenya as their destination since their safety will be guaranteed.

  • Lowering tariffs levied particularly on food and accommodation in tourists hotels to encourage tourists to come and spend more days.

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