Tourist Attractions in Kenya

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Tourist Attractions in Kenya are Grouped into two:

Main Attractions at the Coast

  • Beautiful natural uncrowded and unpolluted sandy beaches which are ideal for sunbathing (sitting or lying in strong sunlight in order to make the body brown).

  • Warm and sunny climate due to tropical location which attracts tourists from temperate regions who escape from the harsh winter cold and come for health purposes.
  • Water sports like yatching, surfing and sport fishing which are carried out in the Indian Ocean.
  • Historical sites such as Fort Jesus, Gedi ruins, Vasco Dagama and slave caves in Malindi and Shimoni.
  • Traditional culture of the coastal people e.g. they have a unique way of dancing, songs, clothing and handicrafts and shrines e.g. Kaya of the Mijikenda which attracts tourists.
  • Mangrove swamps which have unique plants and different species of fish, snails, snakes, birds etc.

Main Attractions Inland

  • Wild life conserved in National Parks and Game Reserves. Wildlife is conserved in their natural habitats.
  • The Famous wildebeest migration in the Mara.
  • The sunny warm climate which attracts tourists from temperate countries.
  • Attractive scenery such as the snow capped Mt. Kenya, the Great Rift Valley and its lakes and hot springs and geysers and great rivers with waterfalls.

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