Tourism in Switzerland

man doing ice skiing on snow field in shallow focus photography
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Switzerland is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It lies astride the Alps Mountain Ranges.

It has been a great tourist nation since the 18th Century.

Major Tourist Attractions in the Switzerland


The Swiss landscape comprises of many mountains with smooth slopes and valleys e.g. the Alps.

These attract tourists interested in mountain climbing, sight-seeing and in winter sports e.g. skiing.

Other features that are related to the mountains include the hanging valleys and waterfalls that are of scenic beauty to tourists.

Swiss National Park

Switzerland has a big national park with varied plant and animal species that attract tourists.


There are several glaciated lakes with clear blue waters that are beautiful to see and popular for sport fishing, sailing and swimming.

Variety of climate

Switzerland experiences both winter and summer climates that facilitate various activities that the tourists can participate in e.g. mountain climbing, sport fishing and swimming during summer and skating & skiing in winter.

Health spas

These are mineral springs that people consider to cure certain ailments.

Also, the varied climate is conducive for people suffering from certain diseases hence popular for tourists.

Hike & Bike facilities

Swiss has a unique network of hiking trails covering the whole country with paths that are well marked and maintained.

These are found in the lowlands and within the mountains also.

There are also trails for mountain biking, golfing and river rafting.

Advanced technology

Switzerland has well-developed industries and well-developed infrastructure

some people visit the country to witness the industrial development that has taken place.

the following are Significance of tourism to Switzerland

  • Earns the country foreign exchange which is used to finance development.
  • The country earns revenue through taxation and direct fee collection.
  • Creates employment in both Switzerland.
  • It has encouraged development of other industries e.g. banking, insurance and transport.
  • Has opened up unproductive areas for development e.g. glaciated landscapes.
  • Switzerland has gained good international reputation and fame through tourism

Factors Favoring Tourism in Switzerland

General scenery

Switzerland has varied scenery that includes rivers, climate, glaciated, lakes, mountain scenery, etc. that attract tourists who involve themselves in sight-seeing and sports.

Suitable location

Switzerland is centrally located in Europe making it relatively accessible to the neighbouring industrialised European countries that are major sources of tourists e.g. Germany, Spain, Italy and England.

It is linked to the neighbouring countries by excellent road, railway and air networks making travelling to and from easier and cheaper.

Hospitality & culture

The personnel handling tourists are highly trained and offer quality service and management to the tourists.

They are also very hospitable (generous and friendly to visitors).

There is also easy communication with neighbours from other countries since there are four major languages spoken in the Swiss i.e. French, Germany, English and Latin

Political stability & policy of neutrality

During the cold war between East and West Europe, Switzerland was never aligned to any bloc.

Visitors from either side of the political divide can visit it without any discrimination.

It has also enjoyed relative peace and political stability making it a favourite destination for people on holiday.


Switzerland has numerous hotels and campsites in tourist’s sites that offer excellent accommodation facilities to the visitors.

The hotels are fairly priced and offer good rates to groups through organisations of group travels and bookings – thus lowering the rates.

Centre for International meetings

Switzerland is the headquarter of many international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation, UN, and Red Cross thus hosts many international conferences, meetings and seminars.

People visiting the country for such meetings take time off to tour the attraction sites.


Switzerland has a well-developed transport system – in terms of means and network i.e. road network connecting various parts, there are also electric trains and cable cars and aerial lifts to carry the tourists up and down the mountains

Effects of Tourism in Switzerland

Positive Effects

  • Foreign Exchange earning
  • Local revenue
  • Source of employment
  • Training
  • Promotion of diplomacy/international relations
  • Environmental conservation

Negative Effects

Mountain landscape limit expansion
Environmental pollution