Characteristics of Ecotourism

photo of woman sitting on boat spreading her arms

Eco-tourism is environmentally friendly tourism or tourism emphasizing environmental conservation where tourists and local communities are involved in enjoying nature as well as conserving it

Characteristics of Ecotourism

  • Tourists are guided along marked trails instead of driving to the areas where there are animals.
  • Telescopic viewing of animals to avoid disturbing animals.
  • Use of camping sites rather than big tourist hotels so as not to put pressure on resources which animals depend on.
  • Prohibiting off road driving and travelling by foot.
  • Allowing particular types of vehicles.
  • Warning people against throwing cigarette remains on dry vegetation.

Its encouraged by:

  • Creating awareness among the local communities to understand and appreciate nature by visiting Game parks.
  • The local community directly benefits from income from tourism which provides them with incentive to conserve wildlife.