Ways in which businesses could contribute to the wellbeing of their employees

Ways in which businesses could contribute to the well-being of their employees

  • Pay fair wages/salaries to the workers based on the nature of their work/the prevailing economic conditions in the market.
  • Working conditions should include safety/medical, canteen facilities, benefits like housing, leave, retirement, etc.
  • Pay fair bonuses, based on business earnings, as acknowledgement for hard work and commitment.
  • Provide for employees’ participation in decision making that affects them.
  • Provide recreational facilities for employees.
  • Offer annual physical/medical assessments to workers.
  • Make trauma debriefing/counselling/assistance available to any employee who requires these services.
  • Offer financial assistance in the case of any hardship caused by unexpected medical costs.
  • Allow flexible working hours to enhance productivity.
  • Offer support programmes for employees infected and affected by HIV/Aids.
  • Make childcare facilities available on the premises for working mothers in the business.
  • Start a nutritional programme so that employees can enjoy one meal per day to keep them in a healthy condition.