Strategies to deal with HIV/Aids, unemployment & poverty

Strategies to deal with HIV/Aids

  • Counselling programmes/train counsellors to provide infected and affected persons/employees.
  • Develop counselling programmes for infected/affected persons/employees.
  • Conduct workshops on HIV/Aids programmes/campaigns.
  • Roll out anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment programmes (ART) for the infected employees.
  • Encourage employees to join HIV/Aids support groups.
  • Develop strategies to deal with stigma and discrimination.
  • Participate in the HIV/Aids prevention programmes implemented in the community.
  • Support non-governmental organisational/community based organisation/NPC HIV/Aids initiatives.

Strategies to deal with unemployment

  • Provide skills development programmes through learnerships.
  • Offer bursaries to the community to improve the level of education.
  • Create jobs for members of the community.
  • Provide entrepreneurial programmes that can promote self-employment.
  • Support existing small businesses to create more employment opportunities.

Strategies to deal with poverty

  • Invest in a young starting SME that can be a business competitor, buyer or supplier.
  • Attract the best employees by being socially responsible and offering the best volunteering programs.
  • Support poverty alleviation programmes that are offered by the government.
  • Donate money/food parcels to local NGO’s.

NOTE: Some strategies to deal with unemployment can also be used to deal with poverty.