Geographical information system (GIS) – Meaning and components

geographical infrmation system (GIS) is system of hardware, data, people, organisations and institutional arrangements for storing, analysing and disseminating spatially-linked information

in other words, GIS is a computer based set of procedures for assembling, storing, manipulating, analysing and displaying geographically referenced information.

it is the system that uses geographical data for purpose such as providing information that can be used for making decisions. it is complex computer system that can hold and use data that describes places on the earth’s surface

components of geographical information system

  • hardware: these include CPU, screen, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, digitizing tablet
  • software: these include application programme such as arcview
  • data: thses include maps, aerial photos, setellite images, adminstrative records etc,
  • people: include data captures. data users, GIS analyst etc
  • Methods: GIS design according to user’s needs
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