Contribution of the production function to the success of a business or quality indicators

Contribution of the production function to the success of a business/quality indicators

  • Provide high quality services/products according to specifications.
  • The production/operating processes of a business should be done correctly through proper production
  • planning and control.
  • Products and services should be produced at the lowest possible cost to allow for profit maximisation.
  • Businesses should clearly communicate the roles and responsibilities to the production workforce.
  • Products must meet customers’ requirements by being safe, reliable and durable.
  • Businesses should have good after-sales services and warrantees.
  • Empower workers so that they can take pride in their workmanship.
  • Get accreditation from the SABS/ISO 9001 to ensure that quality products are being produced.
  • Specify the product or service standards and take note of the factors that consumers use to judge quality.
  • Monitor processes and find the root causes of production problems.
  • Implement quality control systems to ensure that quality building products are consistently being
  • produced.
  • Utilise machines and equipment optimally.
  • Accurately calculate the production costs.
  • Select the appropriate production system e.g. mass/batch/jobbing.